The Sticky’s laboratory has so far come up with around 30 crazy and totally unique Fingers, which we will be offering on a rotating basis. The Fingers listed below are a few examples of what to expect! Check our Facebook and Twitter for daily specials…

Separate catering menu available on request.


The Finger
Sticky's Classic New York style chicken finger. With your choice of sauce
(Crunchy or Naked)
1 for $2.50 | 3 for $7 | 5 for $11

Posh Chicken nugget. Bite size. GREAT FOR KIDS
small $6 and Large $10

THE FINGER served on a potato bun with mixed greens and shredded carrots
(Try it Classic or Spicy)

3 Fingers (crunchy or Naked) Over a bed of mixed greens and shredded carrots tossed with your choice of sauce

Sushi in a finger. Wasabi, Ginger and Buttermilk brined, coated in crispy, wasabi-seasoned panko, drizzled with soy ginger, and dotted with wasabi aioli. Finished up with Tobiko and wasabi Glitterbang. YES!
1 for $4.50 | 3 for $12

Bada Bing
Chicken Parm in finger form! Marinara Buttermilk, brined, Breaded in Italian Panko Breading, stuffed with low moisture mozzarella and parmesan and then topped with marinara, tomato aioli, fried basil and BadaBing Glitter. Bada Boom!!!
1 for $4.75 | 3 for $12.50

Tex Mex Style. Salsa Roja Buttermilk Brined, Coated in crunchy crushed Tortilla Chips and then topped with Tomatillo Pineapple Salsa, Jalapeño Mac Sauce and Fiesta Glitter. Throw a party for your taste buds.
1 for $4 | 3 for $11

Salted Caramel
We are in cahoots with the Tooth Fairy. Buttermilk brined, coated in crunchy crushed pretzel, smothered in salted caramel, garnished with pretzel sticks and pretzel glitter. Delicious, sticky and sure to please
1 for $4 | 3 for $11

General Sticky Tso
Classic General Tso in finger form! Sticky sweet and slightly spicy! Chili peppers, honey, soy sauce and sesame seed oil blended perfectly to give you the greatest General Tso you have ever eaten in your life.
1 for $3.50 | 3 for $9

Buffalo Balsamic Maple
A new spin on the classic buffalo. Buffalo sauce that has been cut with aged balsamic vinegar and maple syrup.
1 for $3.50 | 3 for $9

Fire Flame Curry
Fire Flame!!! No Lil'Wayne!! But you'll be spitting flames!!! A far east finger made to burn the house down, marinated in our Sticky's fire flame curry sauce. Finished off and sprinkled with coconut glitter.
1 for $3.50 | 3 for $9

Vampire Killer
Enough garlic to ward off all bloodsuckers. A garlic infused finger, served on a bed of roasted garlic chips, topped with garlic aioli, pink peppercorn and a clove of black garlic
1 for $4.50 | 3 for $12


Homemade Sauces - 75¢

Sticky's Sauce
A white, North Alabama Barbeque with a NYC kick - Smokey, sweet and thick. A guaranteed winner even with all the BBQ sauce-haters out there. Perfect with our classic finger. Boom-boom!

Buttermilk Baby Ranch
A creamy, Southern Buttermilk Ranch. No Dixie is going to find a better Ranch in this city! Smoother than a baby's butt.

Sriracha Ranch
Cool the rooster down. Our favorite hot sauce mixed with our homemade ranch.

Cray Sauce
A spicy, tomatillo, pineapple, cilantro, saltine cracker salsa, This sauce Cray!

Chocolate Chipotle BBQ
Raw cocoa, chipotle peppers and BBQ. Holy Mole!

Sassy Lassie BBQ
A super sexy, sweet and tangy, mustard-based South Carolina Barbeque sauce.

Jalapeno Mac Sauce
Our take on a queso dip. Jalapenos, Mac cheese, cayenne pepper. So Good!

Mango Death Sauce
Gotta have heat? Chock full of fiery Scotch Bonnet, Habanero Peppers and sweet mango.

Thai Sweet Chili
Our delicious, Aussie-inspired, Thai sweet chili sauce strikes the perfect balance between spicy and sweet.

Tomato Aioli
This creamy tomato sauce is made with Sticky's own marinara sauce and sprinkled with parmesan and fried Basil.

Vampire Aioli
Garlic, garlic, garlic. Raw garlic, roasted garlic, black garlic and red peppercorns.

Wasabi Aioli
Think of it as sushi in a dip. This creamy Wasabi sauce is topped with pure Wasabi paste and our Wasabi Glitter.

Sunny Mustard
Our sweet, golden honey mustard is sure to brighten your day.

Dijon Honey Mustard
Mustard snobs will enjoy our fancy Dijon Honey Mustard sauce made with only the finest grainy Dijon Mustard.

Balsamic Ketchup
With aged balsamic vinegar added, anything less would be uncivilized.


Sides - $4


Coke/Diet Coke $2

Ginger Ale

Mexican Coke

Bottled Water


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